Philip Scott Kinney, Esq. Benjamin C. Moore, Esq.
Philip Scott Kinney, Esq. Benjamin C. Moore, Esq.

Representative Cases

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Maze Trucking Accident: Client injured when commercial delivery vehicle improperly pulled out from a side street into oncoming traffic. Clients injuries include torn anterior crucial ligament, herniated disc in the thoracic spine, bulging disc in the cervical spine and broken vertebra in cervical spine.

Car Accident: Client injured when another vehicle turned left into the client’s path while the client was traveling approximately 45 MPH. Client suffered three herniated discs in the cervical spine, numbness and tingling in both arms (radiculopathy) and debilitating headaches.

Hit and Run: Client injured when another vehicle ran the client’s vehicle off the road. Most probably from in attention to driving while using a cell phone. The client suffered injuries to his lumbar spine. The at fault driver fled from the scene of the accident and could not be located. We were able to negotiate a reasonable settlement with the client’s insurance carrier through the client’s uninsured motorist coverages.

Premises Liability - Trip and Fall: Client injured while leaving a warehouse where her sister worked. The threshold at the doorway had a ridge that was too high and not in compliance with Florida Building Code. Because the threshold was too high, it caused the client to trip and fall down the concrete staircase. The client suffered broken legs and was required to wear external fixators for several months while her legs healed.

Daycare Negligence: Client, an infant under the age of two, was under the care of a daycare when she climbed a chair and fell. As a result of the fall, the infant suffered trauma to her face and permanent scars. The daycare failed to follow state regulations of providing constant supervision.

Workplace Injury: While working as a security guard for a marine terminal, client was injured when a metal conduit inside the guard shack fell off the wall and struck the client in the head. The owner of the property failed to properly maintain the guard shack and failed to support the metal conduit pursuant to Florida Building Code.

Workplace Injury: While working at a construction site, client was severely injured when a crane knocked over construction materials, which fell six stories and struck the client. The accident was caused by the operator's failure to observe safety rules.

Medical Malpractice: While hospitalized for nine days, client died when hospital staff incorrectly read an EKG which showed that the client was experiencing an irregular heartbeat. Less than 2 hours after the EKG was misread the client passed away.

Dental Malpractice: Client hired a dentist to remove remaining teeth in the maxillary jaw, perform sinus grafts, install dental implants and install a fixed permanent partial bridge and denture. Dentist performed implant surgery incorrectly by placing the implants in the wrong location and never delivered the fixed permanent partial bridge.

Dog Bite: Client suffered multiple bites to arms and legs when nearby neighbor’s German Sheppards escaped from fenced back yard.

Wrongful Termination: Client’s employment as an independent contractor with a large international food bakery was improperly terminated. Bakery claimed that client failed to honor independent contractor agreement. As a result of extensive aggressive litigation, it was discovered that the client’s territory had been targeted for re-acquisition by the bakery. The bakery targeted the client’s territory because the client had successfully turned around a low performing territory into one of the most profitable territories.

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Client Reviews
“I was in a motor vehicle out of state 7 months ago and was referred to Kinney & Moore. I worked with Ben and Stacie, there very knowledgeable, always kept informed and very kind. I highly recommend! Thank you so much!” Muy Phoeun
“I'm so grateful for this team. I'm 100% confident I'm in the best hands; they're the most client– centric firm I've ever encountered. They're so informed and knowledgeable in regard to all the most current legal practices, but they're also quick witted, prepared, proportionately aggressive, and kind. I can't articulate how happy I am to be represented by this group.” Kristina Baker
“I absolutely loved having Philip S. Kinney and Stephanie represent my fiancé and I during our time of need they was there for everything that we needed and if anything is to happen to me or my family I will call them again. Thank you guys, so much for everything you guys rock!” Kaetlyn Studivant
“Proud to have been a client! They all treated me like family...always kept it Real and most of all Positive. They were definitely for me and will always have a special place in my heart! #TeamKinneyAndMoore” Yatoshia Michelle